"Rottnest holds a very special place in the hearts of many Western Australians. We owe it to them and to future generations to conserve and enhance its natural environment and cultural assets."

Janet Holmes a Court AC, Patron


Rottnest Island is rich in biodiversity, breathtaking naturescapes and layers of cultural history. It is as equally magnificent, as it is vulnerable, which is why it needs our help!

Rottnest Foundation

The Rottnest Foundation was formed to allow anyone who loves Rottnest Island an opportunity to get involved in its conservation, to ensure it is maintained to be enjoyed by generations for years to come.  Our purpose is to raise public awareness of the fragile cultural and environmental attributes that make Rottnest special and raise much needed community funding for Island restoration projects.

Geordie BayThe Island’s co-existence as an environmental treasure and tourism asset places extreme pressure on the Island’s capacity to be managed sustainably. Over the years, the hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Island, combined with the ravages of time are impacting on its fragile environment.

It is our collective duty to participate in the sustainable management of the Island and contribute to ensuring that the qualities that make the Island unique, exists for future generations to enjoy.

We invite your support in helping us ‘Conserve the essence of Rottnest’!

Basin WestRottnest Island

Only a short 30 minute ferry ride from Perth lies Western Australia’s treasured iconic retreat. Affectionately called ‘Rotto’, the Island attracts around 530,000 visitors annually who are drawn to the Island’s casual atmosphere, picturesque scenery, abundance of flora and fauna and some of the world’s finest beaches and pristine bays. It also boasts one of the largest groups of old colonial buildings in Australia, including the oldest ‘in-tact’ colonial streetscape, still available for accommodation today!

Our Oldest Street

Rottnest is the place where people come to unwind, reconnect with nature, immerse themselves in WA’s history and spend quality time with family and friends.

Lake Baghdad

It is a truly unique place and to ensure its cultural charm and natural beauty are maintained, responsible management and community support is important.

Give something back to the Island we all love and enjoy!


“Nature has spared nothing to render this Isle delightful above all I have ever seen”

Willem De Vlamingh- Dutch Explorer, 1696

Get Involved

Make a real difference to the future of our iconic Island and help preserve it for present and future generations to enjoy! Support the Rottnest Foundation.

Become a Member

Members have an opportunity to participate in our tree planting days and get involved in various environmental conservation opportunities that arise on Rottnest Island. If you would like to become a member of the Rottnest Foundation, please join online or download, print and complete our membership form and post to the Foundation.


Make a Donation

Donations made to the Foundation support our current Rottnest projects. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.  Donations can be made via our secure online credit card facility, via posted cheque or money order.


Become a Corporate Sponsor

Sponsor opportunities exist for corporates to become partners in delivering our current projects. Sponsorship commitment levels vary and therefore benefit packages are tailored to suit corporations’ marketing strategies, programs, budget and objectives.


Contribute Gifts In-kind or Pro-bono Services

Donating goods & services is an invaluable way businesses can support the Rottnest Foundation to help offset our fundraising, operating & marketing costs.

Fay's Bay cove - Mark Jones

Participate in Workplace or Matched Giving

Workplace Giving provides an opportunity for employers and employees to contribute to Rottnest Foundation projects that they are passionate about. I.e. Employees can choose to donate money to our Foundation pre-tax. For every $1 that an employee donates; the employer may choose to match the donation.


Leave a Bequest

The Rottnest Foundation accepts bequests; please visit our bequests page for further information.


Current Projects

The Rottnest Foundation is proud to be a strategic partner with the Rottnest Island Authority in the delivery of major  projects that  ‘Conserve the essence of Rottnest’.

Wadjemup Walk Trail

The Wadjemup Walk Trail project consists of a 50 km network of trails that will facilitate public access and connection to the Island’s rich natural features, abundant wildlife & unique cultural heritage whilst also providing a strategy to minimise the pressures of tourism on the natural environment. To date the Rottnest Foundation has contributed $904,832 towards the implementation of this project.


Interpretation will foster appreciation of the cultural significance, multiple histories and environmental dynamics of Rottnest and encourage visitors to better understand, protect and respect the Island.


Community and volunteer groups will play a fundamental role in the implementation of the Trail.

This amazing recreational experience is set to be completed by the year 2018 (subject to acquiring the necessary funding to implement the project).

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Wadjemup Aboriginal Burial Ground Repair & Restoration Project

Rottnest Island was used as an Aboriginal prison between 1838 and 1931. It is recorded that over 370 Aboriginal men imprisoned during this period, died on Rottnest Island and are buried at the site known as the Wadjemup Aboriginal Burial Ground, which is the largest deaths in custody gravesite in this country.

recon flagsThe restoration and acknowledgement of the Wadjemup Aboriginal Burial Ground is an important step in aiding in the healing process of the Western Australian Aboriginal people and delivering a significant message of reconciliation from the State.

IMG_3315The Rottnest Foundation is appealing to the community to get behind this significant reconciliation project for WA.

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 “Through interpretation – understanding, through understanding – appreciation, through appreciation – protection.”

Tilden 1957

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