Vincent Way

"Rottnest holds a very special place in the hearts of many Western Australians.  We owe it to them and to future generations to conserve and enhance its built and natural environment".

Janet Holmes a Court AC,   Patron


The Rottnest Foundation Inc. is a voluntary organisation that aims to support the conservation and preservation of the Island's natural and cultural assets.

RottnestRottnest Island is one of Western Australia's premier holiday and tourist destinations.  Over half a million people visit the Island each year to enjoy its diverse marine and terrestrial eco-systems, marvel at the richness of the heritage architecture and soak up the unique social and cultural fabric.

Rottnest's fragile environment is constantly subjected to the ravages of the salt sea air, wind and waves.  Together with the forces of nature, the impact of heavy visitation from holiday-makers and daytrippers, Rottnest requires constant attention to ensure the conservation of the Island.

OspreyIt is often quoted that Rottnest Island is a Western Australian Government responsibility.  However the Rottnest Island Authority is not empowered to pursue additional funding from other sources for much needed projects.


Therefore the Rottnest  Foundation focuses on pursuing additional funding from external agencies offering grant monies and from direct fund raising initiatives, to assist the Rottnest Island Authority in meeting its obligations to responsibly manage the Island.


"Nature has spared nothing to render this Isle delightful above all I have ever seen".

 Willem de Vlamingh, Dutch Explorer, 1696