Rottnest 2018 Raffle has now been drawn!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket. All monies raised support environmental projects on Rottnest.

Thanks to the generosity of the Rottnest Island Authority, numerous Rottnest Island businesses, a number of WA wineries, restaurants and retailers, we once again have a huge prize pool of  27 prizes to be won!

Tickets are $10 each and all money raised goes towards Rottnest Foundation’s environmental, cultural and heritage Island projects.

Raffle Closes: 14th January 2019
Raffle Drawn: 31st January 2019
Winners Published and Notified : 6th February 2019

2018 Rottnest Foundation Raffle Winners
1st Prize Winner              Total value: $4,515

The ‘Ultimate Week on Rottnest’ A week’s accommodation in the Commander’s Cottage with stunning views of Thomson Bay from 16-23 March 2019.

Includes family ferry fares, bike hire, bus tickets & tours, Just 4 Fun Acqua park passes, food & beverage vouchers.

2507  Tracy Ferguson

Tracy Ferguson is on the left with Foundation Board Member Pauline Casey

2nd Prize Winner            Total value: $1,970

Keiko Uno Jewellery. ‘Spirit of the Sea’ cuff style bangle & travel case.

2nd prize was won by Michael Welsh, however the picture is his wife Pearl Tan

1529 Michael Welsh

3rd Prize Winner            Total value: $709

A Weekend at Hotel Rottnest: includes ferry fares, food & beverage vouchers, snorkel & bike hire for 2 adults.

31 Claire McGinness

4th Prize Winner             Total value: $636

A Weekend at Karma Rottnest: includes ferry fares, food vouchers, bus tickets for two adults.

2126 Sarah Ellis

5th Prize Winner             Total value: $489

Geronimo Sky Dive Rottnest: includes ferry fares & vouchers.

633 Cathy Rawlings 

6th Prize Winner             Total value: $450

Vibrance Photographic Studio Package

427 Ron Packer

7th Prize Winner Total value: $430

Weekend at Bayview, Ningaloo Coral Bay for 2 adults.

2092 Janice Clarke

8th Prize Winner            Total value : $400

Weekend at Margaret River

2565 Julie Cadee

9th Prize Winner             Total value: $280

Day trip to Rottnest & Eco Adventure Tour for 2 adults + bakery voucher

2622 Della Cameron

10th  & 11th Prize Winners       Total value: $576

Mixed Dozen of WA Wines  (Pemberley Wines & Vasse Felix)

1511 Suzette Pritchard & 95 Janet Holmes a Court

12th Prize Winner           Total value: $250

Boatshed Markets – 6 Pack of Wines

2106 Sue Hardy

13th Prize Winner           Total value: $180

Beaches Bays & Capes – Set of Rottnest Cushions

434 Jacqueline Pontre

14th Prize Winner           Total value: $175

Whale Watching Hillarys Fast Ferries for 2 adults

130 Graham Rose

15th &  16th Prize Winners          Total value: $270

Daytrips to Rottnest for 2 adults with Rottnest Express & Sealink

679 Margaret Armstrong & 1897 Michelle Waters

17th, 18th & 19th Prize Winners            Total value: $430

Mr Walker Restaurant, 2186 Tim Kelly;

TQR Vietnames Restaurant 2588 Karrina Ainsworth

Lapa Brazilian Restaurant  175 David Radomiljac

20th, 21st, 22nd & 23rd   Prize Winners           Total value: $440

Retail vouchers including;

Workout Gym, 540 Janette Lord;

Casey Tennis Coaching, 1787 Sara Commisso;

Surfboard Room, 2589 Karrina Ainsworth

KC Australia, 2197 Sawan Tanna

24th, 25th, 26th & 27th  Prize Winners           Total value: $160

Margaret River Chocolate Company Chokka the Quokka + T-Shirt x 2

2464 Alison Jennings; 1667 Julie Lawler; 2002

Chokka the Quokka x 2

Rachael O’Connor & 1701 Jodie Kasatchkow

1st Prize

The Ultimate Week on Rottnest!

Valued at $4,515

2nd Prize

Rottnest inspired Keiko Uno Jewellery

Valued at $1,970

3rd Prize

Weekend at Hotel Rottnest

Valued at $709

2018 Raffle Sponsors

The Rottnest Foundation appreciates the generosity of the Rottnest Island Authority, Rottnest Island Businesses, and a number of WA wineries, retailers and restaurants, for making this raffle possible.

Please stay tuned for the draw on 31st of January 2019

Terms and Conditions

1. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST.

2. All proceeds go towards cultural and environmental Island projects.

3. Raffle Opens: 13 July 2018. Raffle Closes: 14 January 2019. Raffle Drawn: 31 January 2019 Winners will be notified and published in the West Australian on 14 February 2019. Maximum number of tickets in draw – 5,000

4. Permit Holder: Pauline McMullan on behalf of the Rottnest Foundation Inc. Permit No LS211817918.

5. Keep your tickets in a safe place, tickets will not be replaced nor money refunded after purchase.

6. Do not allow anyone to make reprints or copies of your e-raffle ticket. To claim your prize, you will need to supply identification containing your name and address which will be verified against the original purchase. If fraud is suspected, you may be prosecuted.

7. Due to a number of prizes containing alcohol, tickets cannot be sold to people under the age of 18.

8. For more information contact: Rottnest Foundation on 9448 8150 or email: [email protected] The Rottnest Foundation would like to acknowledge the Rottnest Island Authority & Rottnest Island Business Community for their support with this Raffle.


1st Prize - The Ultimate Week on Rottnest – 16-23 March 2019
Includes ferry fares, bike hire, tours, food, retail & fun vouchers . Valued at $4,515
2nd Prize – Rottnest inspired Keiko Uno Jewellery
Spirit of the Sea cuff style bangle & travel case. Valued at $1,970
3rd Prize – Weekend at Hotel Rottnest for 2 adults
Includes ferry fares, bike & snorkel hire, food & beverage vouchers. Valued at $709
4th Prize – Weekend at Karma Rottnest for 2 adults
Includes ferry fares, bus tickets & food vouchers. Valued at $636
5th Prize – Geronimo Sky Dive Rottnest
Include ferry fares & food voucher. Valued at $489
6th Prize – Vibrance Photographic Studio Shoot & Voucher
Valued at $450
7th Prize – Weekend at Ningaloo Coral Bay Lodge
For 2 adults. Valued at $430
8th Prize – Weekend at Margaret River
For 2 adults. Valued at $400
9th Prize – Daytrip to Rottnest + Adventure Tour & Voucher
For 2 Adults. Valued at $280
10th Prize (x2) - Dozen Wines from Pemberley Wines & Vasse Felix
Total value $576
11th Prize – 6 pack wines Boatshed Markets
Valued at $250
12th Prize – Beaches, Bays & Capes – Set of Rottnest Cushions
Valued at $180
13th Prize – Whale Watching
Rottnest Fast Ferries Hillarys, For 2 adults. Valued at $175
14th Prize x 2 – Daytrips to Rottnest
Rottnest Express & Sealink. For 2 Adults. Total value $270
15th Prize x 3 – Restaurant Vouchers
Lapa Brazilian, Mr Walker & TQR Vietnamese. Total value $430
16th Prize x 4 – Retail/Sporting Vouchers
KC Australia, Rob Casey Tennis Coaching, Surf Boardroom, Workout Gym Cottesloe. Total value $440
17th Prize x 4 Chokka the Quokka Prize Pack T-Shirts x 2 & Chokka the Quokkas x 4
Each pack consists of Chokka the Quokka Prize T-Shirts and 2 x Chokka the Quokkas. Total value $160