Leave a Bequest

Pinky Beach_02_13For many people, leaving a bequest is a way to leave a lasting impact. A gift of this type expresses your life-long values and commitment to a great cause, something you are passionate about or something that is important to you and your loved ones.

Perhaps you have enjoyed countless summer holidays on Rottnest Island with your family and want to see the essence of Rottnest preserved for future families to appreciate.

Perhaps you met your significant other on Rottnest, were proposed to in one of the Island’s many romantic secluded settings or got married at one of the majestic bays.

118-1820_IMGWhatever your connection to the Island is, the Rottnest Foundation can ensure that your bequest is used to contribute to projects that preserve the Island’s natural, cultural and environmental assets, so that the charm and natural beauty of the Island can be enjoyed for generations to come.

If you intend to include Rottnest Foundation Inc. in a new Will, or make substantial changes to an existing one, we recommend you seek legal assistance.

You or your solicitor may find the following suggested wording useful:

Example- Bequest