Container Deposit Scheme

Donate the cash that’s in your containers to support the Rottnest Foundation – Scheme ID C10267961

The Rottnest Foundation has registered to participate in the State Government’s ‘Containers for Change’ recycling program that begins on October 1, 2020.

YOU CAN DONATE the cash in your containers to the Rottnest Foundation and support conservation projects on the Island by using our Scheme ID C10267961 when depositing your eligible containers at any mainland drop-off point.  Visit to locate your nearest drop-off point.

You can also recycle your eligible containers whilst on Rottnest in one of the three collections points – main settlement in Thomson Bay, Geordie Bay and Kingstown.

WA uses 1.3 billion eligible drink containers annually. Only 30% of these are recycled and 44% of litter consists of eligible drink containers. This scheme aims to reduce litter and landfill and increase recycling.

10c from eligible containers that is donated to the Foundation will be directed towards our conservation projects on the Island.

Get involved where-ever you are and donate your recycling to support Rottnest Island using C10267961.