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Rottnest Foundation London Chapter

Providing Rottnest loving expats living in London the opportunity to get together and celebrate all things Rottnest.

The London Chapter of the Rottnest Foundation was formed to allow Rottnest enthusiasts living in London an opportunity to contribute to the conservation of the Rottnest Island. Founded by expats Sandy Barblett and Simon Williams in 2016, the London Chapter brings together lovers of Rottnest to raise much needed funds to support the conservation of the Island’s unique environment. The London Chapter provides a strong and unique connection for West Australians living in London, as Rottnest and its preservation has a unifying effect for West Australians of all ages, wherever they may live.

WATCH: The London Chapter’s webinar – Rottnest Island – Working together for the Island’s Future

The London Chapter host an annual event for the purpose of raising awareness of the role of the Rottnest Foundation in ‘Conserving the essence of Rottnest’ for future generations. In addition to raising funds for the Rottnest Foundation, the evenings provide an opportunity to showcase the Foundation’s conservation projects and enjoy great food and wine donated by some of Western Australia’s leading wineries. Unfortunately, the 2020 Rottnest Foundation London Chapter event did not proceed due to Covid 19, but the Chapter is looking forward to a bigger and better event in 2021.

The enthusiasm and passion for Rottnest Island from Western Australians living a long way from home is a wonderful reason to bring people together and creates a warm atmosphere at our events where guests share their stories and fond memories of Rottnest. Each year there are also international guests who attend and have never been to Rottnest, but now have it firmly on their bucket list! 

With funds raised from past events, the London Chapter is currently contributing towards the upgrade and replacement of the staired beach access on the Gabbi Karniny Bidi Walk Trail at the northern end of Thomson Bay. Together with funds from the Rottnest Foundation, the total contribution to the project is $75,000. 

As always, these events rely on the generosity of supporters and sponsors and we would like to acknowledge and thank them all. The WAGO European Office, currently headed by the West Australian Agent General, Mr Mike Deeks and his wife Jenny, have been great supporters of ours. We wish to thank them for their support and also for our mention in the WAGO “WA Day-West Australians in Europe”  video available at

We wish to thank all the following sponsors of our events in London: 



Hotel Rottnest

Rottnest Island Authority

Karma Resorts


Kurobutan Restaurants

Vasse Felix

Little Creatures Brewery

McHenry Hohnen Vintners


Pemberley of Pemberton

WA Government European Office

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If you, or someone you know, are living in London, or indeed in the UK or Europe, and would like to attend one of our events or get involved with the London Chapter of the Rottnest Foundation, please contact [email protected]

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