Our Achievements

Funds Raised for Island Projects To-date

The Rottnest Foundation has acquired $2,300,000 through grants, partnerships and sponsorships for Island projects to date(this figure includes funds from current partnerships yet to be expended).

Major Partnerships

  • $500,440 Lotterywest- Contribution to the conservation and memorialisation of the Wadjemup Aboriginal Burial Ground on Rottnest Island’-Community Spaces Grant (2015-2020)
  • $20,000 Margaret River Chocolate Company -Quokka conservation and monitoring (2019-2020)
  • $26,300 BHP Billiton- Additional Funds to Complete Remaining Interpretive Signage for the Wardan Nara Bidi section of the Wadjemup Bidi (2016-2017)
  • $532,800 BHP Billiton- Wardan Nara Bidi and Karlinyah Bidi Sections of the Wadjemup Bidi, inc. all revegetation, interpretation, construction, logistics for volunteer group involvement & one dedicated staff member (2014-2018)

Successful Grant Applications

  • $1,700 ‘Containers for Change’ Department of Water & Environmental Regulation -recycling donation points on Rottnest Island (2020)
  • $18,000 Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources -revegetation and protection of the salt marsh habitat at Herschel Lake (2020)
  • $10,000 Westpac Community Grant – Support Aboriginal consultation for the Aboriginal Burial Ground Project (2017 – 2018)
  • $1000 National Volunteer Week Grant – Volunteering WA (supported by Lotterywest) – Catering for the Rottnest Island Volunteer Networking Day – (50 volunteers) (2017)
  • $210,000 Commonwealth Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program,  managed by Tourism WA-  Development of the Ngank Wen Bidi (North section) (2016-18)
  • $100,000 Department of Sport & Recreation, supported by Lotterywest- ‘Gabbi Karniny Bidi’- (‘Wadjemup Bidi’)- Boardwalk, Trail, Interpretation (2013)
  • $15,000 Lotterywest- Engineering Fees for Cathedral Rocks Seal Viewing Platform & ‘Wadjemup Bidi’ link to Ngank Wen Bidi (2012)
  • $30,000 DBCA (Previously the Department of Conservation [DEC])- Little Parakeet Bay- 2x sets of steps, interpretive signage & revegetation. Link to the Gabbi Karniny Bidi section of the Wadjemup Bidi.  (2011)
  • $27,032 Lotterywest- Development of ‘Wadjemup Bidi’ Site Development Plan (2010)
  • $25,320 Lotterywest- Conservation Plan for the refurbishment of the WWII Battery Observation Post at Signal Ridge, Wadjemup Hill (2001)
  • $20,000 Lotterywest- Repair & restoration of the Boathouse roof to house the rebuilt Pilot Boat and interpretive displays (2000)
  • $23,000 Lotterywest- Specialist architect to design the revamping of some Rottnest cottages for wheelchair access as part of the Accessible Island Project (1999)

Contribution to Island projects using money raised through donations and Rottnest Foundation fundraising initiatives

  • $75,000-North Thomson stair replacement-Gabbi Karniny Wadjemup Bidi- donated by the London Chapter of the Rottnest Foundation (2020)
  • $3,200 donation to Rottnest Foundation by the Rottnest Channel Swim (2020)
  • $8,181- Donation of a ride-on mower to the Rottnest Island Authority to improve the efficiency of Wadjemup Bidi (walking trail) maintenance (2015)
  • $200,000- Support replacement of the old Boardwalk at West End with a new one- to reduce impacts on nesting shearwater birds whilst providing a recreational experience (2011)
  • $10,00– Boardwalk, fencing and steps to protect the sand dune in front of the Thomson Bay Tearooms (now Thomsons) (1999)
  • $6067- Towards production of the Accessible Island Manual (1999)
  • $9424- Ramp constructed to the Sergeants Mess at Kingstown Barracks, improving access for visitors in wheelchairs or those with limited mobility (1999)
  • $30,000- Restoration & refurbishment of a building at the Kingstown Barracks for the establishment of the ‘Discovery Centre’, to be used as an education facility (1998-99)
  • $20,000- Fencing costs for Reforestation Project (1998)
  • $10,000- Propagation materials  as part of the Indigenous Tree Reforestation Project (1998)
  • $15,000- Fencing of a 70 hectare fire devastated site for rehabilitation works (1996)


  • 2018- Rottnest Express sponsored 330 return ferry fares for volunteers to help implement the Wadjemup Bidi Project. ~$ in-progress
  • 2017- Rottnest Express sponsored 330 return ferry fares for volunteers to help implement the Wadjemup Bidi Project. ~$24,750
  • 2016- Rottnest Express sponsored 309 return ferry fares for volunteers to help implement the Wadjemup Bidi Project. ~$26,265
  • 2015- Rottnest Express sponsored 443 return ferry fares for volunteers to help implement the Wadjemup Bidi Project. ~$38,000
  • 2014- Rottnest Express sponsored 365 return ferry fares for volunteers to help implement the Wadjemup Bidi Project. ~ $35,000

Ongoing Donations

  • Margaret River Chocolate Company – In March 2016, the Rottnest Foundation and the Margaret River Chocolate Company joined forces to support the conservation and research of quokkas. Part proceeds from every ‘Chokka the Quokka’ sold at the Margaret River Chocolate Company stores will be donated to the Rottnest Foundation. Inaugural donation received 30 March 2017 – $5000 donation –  Margaret River Chocolate Company. Total donated to date is $ 20,000, August, 2020.

Rottnest Foundation Members                                                                                                 Volunteer Labour for Rottnest Island Conservation Projects

  • 2020 Planting Day 2
  • 2020 Planting Day 1-3,000 saltmarsh species planted at Herschel Lake-supported by a $18,000 Community Environment Program Grant provided by the Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science.
  • 2019 Planting Day 2-coastal species planted at Narrow Neck to protect the dunes and the osprey nest
  • 2019 Planting Day 1-1,500 seedlings planted around the foreshore of Garden Lake
  • 2018 Planting Day 2-Rottnest Daisy planting in the settlement
  • 2018 Planting Day 1-Salt Lake revegetation Herschel Lake
  • 2017- Planting Day 2- Eagle Bay –  planted 1000 plants
  • 2017- Planting Day 1- Green Island (damaged areas/blow-out), in partnership with Rottnest Express- 1000 plants
  • 2016- Planting Day- Ricey Beach (old informal access), in partnership with Rottnest Express- 1800 plants
  • 2015- Planting Day- Cathedral Rocks (Surrounding Seal Viewing Platform)- 823 plants
  • 2014- Planting Day- Fairbridge Bluff- 900 plants
  • 2013- Planting Day- Bickley Battery Heritage Precinct- 600 plants
  • 2012- Planting Day- Little Parakeet- 500 plants
  • 2011- Planting Day- Adjacent to Serpentine Lake- 350 plants
  • 2010- Planting Day- Rehabilitation project at Governor’s Circle- 500 plants
  • 1996-2000 Indigenous Reforestation Project- 100ha Indigenous seedlings propagated and planted each year in collaboration with Curtin University students

Fundraising Initiatives

  • Annual Rottnest Raffle – 2010-2017 (Did not run in 2014) Raised $91,902
  • Annual Rottnest Foundation Calendar (2016-2018) Raised $65,872.49 to-date