The Federal Member for Fremantle, Josh Wilson MP, has recently advised the Rottnest Foundation of its success in securing an $18,000 CEP grant that will be directed towards revegetating and protecting important saltmarsh habitat at Herschel Lake on Rottnest.

Herschel Lake

This grant is part of a $22.65m program to support small scale, community-led environmental projects and is administered by the Federal Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and allocated through Federal electorates.

The aim of the project, is to increase fauna habitat, improve wetland buffer functions and deter pedestrian/cyclist access, which is a key threat to the significant microbial communities supported by the salt lakes. Volunteer groups, including Rottnest Foundation members, will undertake construction of quokka-exclusion fencing and propagation and planting of 14,000 native seedlings over a 0.3 hectare area during the winter period. The Rottnest Island Authority will provide planning and logistical support.