On 30 January 2018 the Rottnest Foundation and Rottnest Island Authority facilitated a site visit for Tourism WA and WA Visitor Centre representatives to view the completed Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Programme grant project, the Ngank Wen Bidi (north) section, which was funded by a successful grant obtained by the Rottnest Foundation from the Commonwealth Government which is managed by Tourism WA.

Attendees at the site visit included:

Clinton Hull – Rottnest Island Authority Park Services Manager

Eilidh Graham – RIA Wadjemup Bidi Coordinator

Jeff King – Rottnest Foundation (RF) Chairman

Rosalie Small – RF Grants & Sponsorship Coordinator 

Pauline McMullan – RF Executive Officer

Caroline Vincin – Tourism WA Project Manager

Helena McCabe – TWA Familiarisation Coordinator

Troy De Souza – Australian Visitor Centres Pty Ltd – WA Visitor Centre Manager

The site visit included a driving tour where we pointed out highlights of the Wardan Nara Bidi, followed by a walk along the Ngank Wen Bidi (north) section of trail from Rocky Bay through Marjorie Bay (east) ending at Marjorie Bay (west). We then got back in the cars and headed out for a walk along the West End Boardwalk, followed by a visit to the Cathedral Rocks Seal Viewing Platform to view the NZ Fur Seals where we enjoyed a packed picnic lunch. Then it was back to the Settlement to catch the ferry home.

Great feedback was received from our guests Caroline, Helena and Troy, see below:

Troy De Souza | WA Visitor Centre Manager

“Just want say thank you to everyone for showing us the great work done with the Wadjemup Bidi project. Will inform all my staff and get our customers to disperse throughout the Island and experience as many of the trails as possible. Thanks Again.”

Helena McCabe | Familiarisation Coordinator

“Thank you very much for the opportunity to join yesterday’s guided tour, it was fantastic to see so much passion for the island and it’s future and I’m very much looking forward to sharing the information with colleagues here, as the official launch gets closer and of course, a winter exploring the new trails!”

Caroline Vincin | Project Manager

“It was a unique experience to hear directly from the project managers about the trails from inception to fruition. Tourism WA is very proud to be to be part of a project that has (and will in the future) deliver tourism and environmental outcomes.”