2 IMG_3731Rottnest Express (REX) is a strong supporter of Rottnest Foundation’s objectives to protect and conserve the Island, including its commitment to raising funds and engaging community support for conservation projects.

REX is a generous supporter of all RF fundraising initiatives, including the Foundation Raffle, Foundation Calendar, Festival of Sail, and since October 2015, has incorporated the option to purchase Rottnest Foundation Membership through their online ferry booking system.

1REX fully supports the Wadjemup Bidi (walk trail) project objectives to deliver environmental, cultural and recreational opportunities that increase visitor satisfaction, foster improved health and support the sustainable growth of visitors to the Island.

Since 2014, REX has partnered with the RF and RIA, by sponsoring up-to 4500 ferry fares annually for volunteers working on Island conservation projects, including the Wadjemup Bidi.

Over the last three years (2014-16), REX has sponsored 1,198 return ferry fares for volunteers from 8 community groups (Rottnest Foundation, Rottnest Society, Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), 5CVA Indigenous Green Corps, Scouts, Venturers, Rottnest Nursery Volunteers & the Green Army) who have contributed 15,106 hrs to complete revegetation tasks including fencing removal, seed collection, plant propagation, tree planting, tree guard maintenance, sand dune stabilisation, sea spurge weeding and rubbish collection.

8Volunteers from these groups have planted over 25,000 seedlings, which were propagated in the Rottnest Nursery using native seed collected on the Island.

Rottnest Foundation and Rottnest Express are volunteering together to plant trees as part of the Wadjemup Bidi project 2016-18.

9On Saturday 6 May 2017 Rottnest Express participants joined forces with Rottnest Foundation members to plant 1000 seedlings to revegetate damaged areas and the blow-out at Green Island. Rehabilitation of these sites has stabilised the area, greatly reducing the amount of sand blowing onto the road. In turn this reduces risk and makes the road less dangerous for road users.

A huge thank you to the Rottnest Express staff and family members, and Foundation members who participated in this planting day.

RF and the RIA truly appreciate the generosity and commitment that Rottnest Express demonstrates to the Wadjemup Bidi and other conservation projects on Rottnest Island.