CathBay_002A big shout out to Rottnest Express for their ongoing support of our passionate volunteers, who are helping to conserve Rottnest Island for future generations.

Every year Rottnest Express sponsor up to 500 ferry fares for volunteers to come to the Island and help conduct revegetation tasks such as plant propagation, tree guard maintenance, tree planting, sand dune stabilisation and sea spurge weeding.

In 2016, Rottnest Express sponsored 390 ferry fares which enabled volunteers from Conservation Volunteers Australia, Rottnest Society, Venturer Scouts and our Foundation to participate in Rottnest conservation projects.  Sponsorship also allowed nursery volunteers to come across to the Island to propagate seedlings in the Rottnest Nursery. A total of 10,300 seedlings were planted by volunteers in 2016 utilising Rottnest Express’s free fares to get to the Island.

IMG_0216390 ferry fares allowed for 3326 hours of volunteer support which equals $99,780 worth of in-kind labour (valued @ $30/hr).

Rottnest Express are a proud sponsor of all Rottnest Foundation fundraising initiatives and conservation projects.


On behalf of all volunteers that Rottnest Express support, Thank you!

For more information, please click on the links below:

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