The London Chapter of the Rottnest Foundation was originally formed in June 2008 to allow all Rottnest enthusiasts living in London an opportunity to contribute to the preservation of our favourite Island by holding fundraising events in London. However, there has been little activity for the last few years.

Recently, members of the Rottnest Foundation living in London have formed a Committee to resurrect the ‘London Chapter of the Rottnest Foundation’ and we are very excited about it!

ROTTNEST FOUNDATION - LONDON CHAPTER 008Some of the London Chapter Committee members were in Perth over the 2016 Christmas break.

Jeff, Rosie and Pat met them over on Rottnest on Thursday 22nd December to provide an update on current Rottnest Foundation projects.

The day included a tour of the Wadjemup Aboriginal Burial Ground with Ezra Jacobs (RIA Aboriginal Heritage Officer), followed by a car tour of the Wadjemup Bidi (walk trail) highlights.

ROTTNEST FOUNDATION - LONDON CHAPTER 010The Rottnest Foundation London Chapter Committee are busy preparing for a launch event to be held on the 4th of May 2017 in London to raise funds for the Rottnest Foundation.

Information about this event can be accessed by clicking the link below: