The Rottnest Foundation received a donation of $32.70 from a group of children ranging from the ages of six to twelve years old.

The kids raised the funds over the last two years operating little stalls during their school holidays at the Rottnest Campground.

Their stalls offered shoulder massages, guess the number of lollies in the jar and gave creative hairstyles to their friends and family members for between 20 cents- 50 cents a go!

The donation was handed over by the kids to Rosie from the Rottnest Foundation  on Friday the 30th of September while they were on Rottnest enjoying another school holiday with their families.

The kids said to Rosie that they would like to see the donation go towards helping the baby Quokkas.

Ranger Doug gave a little talk to the kids about how juvenile quokkas who have lost their mums are taken to the wildlife station on Rottnest Island and are looked after by the Rangers and Environment staff until they are big enough to look after themselves.

This donation will fund supplies for the wildlife station to help support the care of the baby quokkas.

Thank you to Tess, Jondi, Ashy, Harrison, Will N, Eloise, Alivia, Alyssa F & Alyssa T for all of their hard work and for their generous donation.

The Rottnest Foundation, Rottnest Rangers and Environment staff really appreciate your support!