The Wadjemup Walk Trail consists of 5 separate sections. These were originally named based on landmarks for operational purposes and to allow the trail to be marketed during construction. This was an interim measure prior to the development of more appropriate names; to align with the overarching name “Wadjemup Walk Trail”. Wadjemup is the Aboriginal Nyungar word for Rottnest Island.

The operational names were:

  • Bickley Bay;
  • The Lakes;
  • Wadjemup Hill;
  • Salmon Bay; and
  • West End.


The Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) invited the submission of quotes in January 2015 from individuals or organisations with Whadjuk/Nyungar linguistic expertise to develop Aboriginal names for the five sections of the Wadjemup Walk Trail.

Professor Len Collard, Moodjar Consulting, was successful in the advertised position.

Between January 2015 and July 2016 Professor Len Collard in consultation with the RIA and the Whadjuk Working Party (facilitated by the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council)  developed concepts and renamed the five sections of the trail to Nyungar Aboriginal names.


Bidi   is the Aboriginal Nyungar word for track or path.

Wadjemup Walk Trail has now changed formally to the Wadjemup Bidi.

Traditional Owner Endorsement

The RIA received a letter from Nick Abraham, Regional Development Coordinator for the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council, on behalf of the Whadjuk Working Party, endorsing the new Aboriginal Nyungar names for the five sections, dated 28th July 2016. click-here-to-read-the-letter

Realignment of Two Sections

To coincide with these new Aboriginal names there has been a realignment of two of the trail sections, the Wadjemup Hill section and Salmon Bay section, to create delineation between the north and south of the Island, as these trails provide contrasting experiences. This realignment will see the intersection at Narrow Neck become a major node connecting three sections of trail, instead of the previous two sections.

To ensure all promotional and marketing material for the Wadjemup Bidi depicts the new Aboriginal Nyungar names, the Rottnest Foundation website will undergo a number of changes and you will see the old section names replaced with the new names.

pdf- maps-old-alignment-and-new-alignment