Group Photo 2Rottnest Express provide support for our Foundation in multiple ways, including sponsorship of the annual Rottnest Festival of Sail event, promoting us on their website, donating prizes for the annual Rottnest Raffle (on sale soon) and sponsoring our annual Calendar featuring stunning photos that capture the essence of Rottnest.

RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (4)Since 2014, Rottnest Express has also sponsored 500 return ferry fares annually for volunteers to come over to Rottnest Island and help build the Wadjemup Bidi.

The Wadjemup Bidi RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (13)project is a 45km trail network that provides visitor access to Rottnest’s beautiful natural features and cultural history in an environmentally sustainable manner. A major part of the project involves rehabilitation of informal access tracks & previously damaged areas.

RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (11)As part of the Wadjemup Bidi project, formalised beach access has recently been installed at Ricey Beach which also provides disabled access to the bay.

On Saturday 7th of May Rottnest Express staff and family members joined forces RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (14)with Rottnest Foundation members, braving the rain and wind, to plant 1800 seedlings and spread brushing to revegetate damaged dunes and close informal access tracks previously caused by people making their own way to Ricey Beach.

RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (24)Rottnest Foundation member Mark Mazzoni provided the following feedback from his day volunteering on the Island.

‘Just a quick email to say thanks again for a great day yesterday. Some might have RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (8)been a bit disappointed by the rain and wind, but personally I thought it was just the ticket to avoid getting sunburned and to stay cool while working.

Apart from the mid-morning RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (5)downpour (which was a little miserable, I will admit) the occasional drizzle was actually a bit refreshing. Felt really good to be out doing something productive. Can’t wait for the next one.’

RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (0)Kind regards

Mark Mazzoni

Thank you to those Rottnest Express staff and family members, and Foundation members who participated in the day.

The Wadjemup Bidi project is a significant tourism and conservation initiative and we are proud to have Rottnest Express both as a sponsor and now part of our team of volunteers, working together to conserve Rottnest Island.