imagesCAHPTB96The conference was held at the new Centre for Performing Arts at All Saints College in Bull Creek on Friday 10th October and was subsidised by the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) with support from Trails WA and Outdoors WA.

The Conference brought together land managers, local government officers, trails advocates, outdoor instructors, educators, and volunteers from all regions of the State.

2Representatives from the Rottnest Foundation and the Rottnest Island Authority co-presented at the Conference on our partner project, the Wadjemup Bidi.

The Rottnest Foundation spoke on behalf of the community groups involved with implementing and driving the project, explaining how each group contributes to the trail and about the Steering Group that our Foundation chairs, that ensures that the key volunteer groups, (Rottnest Society, Winnit Club and Conservation Volunteers Australia) have a platform to share ideas, network and progress the Trail together.

1The Rottnest Island Authority spoke about the planning documents for the trail and the way the trail is being used as a management tool to arrest deterioration in the Island ecology, while also improving and enhance the qualities that make Rottnest special by creating a new low impact recreational activity for visitors.

It was a great opportunity to be able to represent and showcase the project on a State level.