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Information Sheets Available for the Open Wadjemup Bidi Sections

With all of the five sections of the Wadjemup Bidi now open and walkable, the Rottnest Island Authority has produced A4 information sheets for visitors to help navigate through the trails.

These information sheets can be collected from the Visitor Centre on Rottnest Island or can be downloaded here.

Ngank Yira Bidi (Uncover the Bickley Battery)


Gabbi Karniny Bidi (Discover the Salt Lakes)


Wardan Nara Bidi (Relax on Salmon Bay)


Karlinyah Bidi (Experience the Northern Beaches)



Rottnest Express Sponsorship Achievements 2017

Thanks again to our ongoing sponsor, Rottnest Express, for their generous support which enabled 330 volunteers to come to the Island and work on major conservation projects, including the Wadjemup Bidi (Rottnest Trail) project in 2017.

These 330 volunteers provided 3070 hours of volunteer support, which equates to $92,092.50 worth of in-kind labour (valued @ $30/hr).

Photo Collage – Rottnest Express Sponsorship Achievements Jan – Dec 2017

Stats – Rottnest Express Sponsorship Achievements Jan – Dec 2017

Volunteer activities included collecting seed around the Island, propagating seed in the Rottnest Island Nursery, Quokka monitoring, spreading of brushing to assist with erosion control, planting seedlings to close ad-hoc informal access and eroded areas (10,500 planted), removing tree guards, clean up of Parker Point dune site, collection of sea spurge weeds from the beach and construction of the Wadjemup Bidi and associated trail infrastructure. More Info.

The Last – Wadjemup Bidi Steering Group Meeting

The Ngank Wen Bidi (south) section was the last to be constructed and in 2020, all five sections are open and walkable.

As the Wadjemup Bidi is complete, on Friday 2 February 2018 the Wadjemup Bidi Steering Group consisting of representatives from Rottnest Island Authority, Rottnest Foundation, Conservation Volunteers, Rottnest Society, Winnit Club and Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association held their last meeting on Rottnest Island, where the group shared their thoughts on how happy and proud they were of the project and their contribution.

The Group then enjoyed participating in the new ‘Whitecaps & Wilderness’ tour facilitated by Jenny and Lance from the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association, which commenced at Parker Point bus stop and ended at Little Salmon Bay. The group then visited the newly completed Ngank Wen Bidi (north) section of the trail project, which was funded by the Commonwealth Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Programme through a successful grant obtained by the Rottnest Foundation. More info.

Site Visit with Tourism WA – Ngank Wen Bidi (north)

On 30 January 2018 the Rottnest Foundation and Rottnest Island Authority facilitated a site visit for Tourism WA and WA Visitor Centre representatives to view the completed Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Programme grant project, the Ngank Wen Bidi (north) section, which was funded by a successful grant obtained by the Rottnest Foundation from the Commonwealth Government which is managed by Tourism WA. More Info



Wadjemup Bidi Features in FACET Winter 2017 Newsletter!

2017 FACET Newsletter pg. 18. Rottnest Island, Wadjemup Bidi






FACET Conference 2017 – Presentation by Rottnest Foundation & BHP

Some 350 people from around the State, Country and as far as Papua New Guinea visited Government House, many for the first time, to attend FACET’s (Forum Advocating Cultural and Eco-Tourism) 2017 tourism conference, theme ‘Celebrating our Parks’, held from 9-11 October.

The program was a celebration of WA’s unique and extraordinary landscapes and showcased new initiatives and programs and explored opportunities for business, community and visitors to connect and engage with our parks.

Rottnest Foundation and our major partner BHP were invited to co-present at the Conference on Tuesday 10 October 2017.

Jeff King Rottnest Foundation Chairman, Rosalie Small Rottnest Foundation Grants & Sponsorship Coordinator and David Bunting Manager Social Investment Minerals Australia BHP, created and delivered a joint presentation titled ‘Philosophy and Parks’. It focused on the partnership between our organisations and the outputs and outcomes delivered on-ground on Rottnest Island’s Wadjemup Bidi (walking trail) project from the support provided by BHP.

We would like to thank Dave Bunting from BHP for collaborating with us on this initiative. More Info

Coastlines Winter Edition 2017 – Online Newsletter

The Wadjemup Bidi featured in an article in the Coastlines Winter Edition 2017 Online Newsletter

Article – ‘New Sections of Wadjemup Walk Trail Now Open’

The full publication can be accessed by clicking the link below

Rottnest Foundation Member Planting Day 22 July 2017

On Saturday 22 July 2017 Rottnest Foundation members planted 1000 seedlings at Mabel Cove, which is located along the Ngank Wen Bidi (northern section) of the Wadjemup Bidi.

Volunteer assistance is paramount to the success of the Wadjemup Bidi project and we thank our members for their participation in the revegetation aspects of this initiative.

Rottnest Foundation members are provided the opportunity to participate in two planting days on the Island per year. Ferry fares are sponsored by Rottnest Express and bus transfers to-and-from the planting site and lunch is provided courtesy of the Rottnest Island Authority. More Info

WA Trails Industry Forum – 19 May 2017

Rottnest Foundation staff member Rosalie Small attended the WA Trails Industry Forum held at Nedlands Yacht Club 19 May 2017.

The forum was facilitated by Department of Sport and Recreation and there were various presentations relating to trails in WA, their management and engagement with the community.

Sport and Recreation Minister Mick Murray launched the WA Strategic Trails Blueprint document 2017-2021 which highlights opportunities to create trail towns and trail networks, generating new tourism opportunities for regional economies and the metropolitan area.

The blueprint provides a roadmap for the creation of cycling, mountain biking, horse riding, snorkelling and canoeing trails throughout the State – offering challenging and unique experiences for domestic and international tourists.

To view the blueprint, visit

Rottnest Foundation & BHP – Wadjemup Bidi Partnership Project Complete

Rottnest Foundation partnered with BHP in December 2014 and over the course of two and a half years, BHP contributed $559,100 towards the Wadjemup Bidi project.

BHP was the first corporate partner of the Wadjemup Bidi project and has provided the largest corporate philanthropic investment the Island has ever seen in support of conserving the environmental assets of Rottnest Island.

BHP funding specifically has been used for the establishment of the Karlinyah Bidi and Wardan Nara Bidi sections of the trail. These sections are now complete and open to visitors. More Info

Rottnest Foundation & Rottnest Express Planting Day 6 May 2017

On Saturday 6 May 2017 Rottnest Express participants joined forces with Rottnest Foundation members to plant 1000 seedlings to revegetate damaged areas and the blow-out at Green Island. Rehabilitation of these sites has stabilised the area, greatly reducing the amount of sand blowing onto the road. In turn this reduces risk and makes the road less dangerous for road users.

A huge thank you to the Rottnest Express staff and family members, and Foundation members who participated in this planting day.

RF and the RIA truly appreciate the generosity and commitment that Rottnest Express demonstrates to the Wadjemup Bidi and other conservation projects on Rottnest Island. More Info

Rottnest Express Sponsorship Achievements 2016

Rottnest Express Logo (Dolphin)A big shout out to Rottnest Express for their ongoing support of our

passionate volunteers, who are helping to conserve Rottnest Island

for future generations.

Every year Rottnest Express sponsor up to 500 ferry fares for volunteers to come to the Island and help conduct revegetation tasks such as plant propagation, tree guard maintenance, tree planting, sand dune stabilisation and sea spurge weeding.

In 2016, Rottnest Express sponsored 390 ferry fares which enabled volunteers from Conservation Volunteers Australia, Rottnest Society, Venturer Scouts and our Foundation to participate in Rottnest conservation projects.  Sponsorship also allowed nursery volunteers to come across to the Island to propagate seedlings in the Rottnest Nursery. A total of 10,300 seedlings were planted by volunteers in 2016 utilising Rottnest Express’s free fares to get to the Island.

390 ferry fares allowed for 3326 hours of volunteer support which equals $99,780 worth of in-kind labour (valued @ $30/hr).

Rottnest Express are a proud sponsor of all Rottnest Foundation fundraising initiatives and conservation projects.

On behalf of all volunteers that Rottnest Express support, Thank you!

For more information, please click on the links below:

Rottnest Express Sponsorship Achievements 2016 (Stats)

Rottnest Express Sponsorship Achievements 2016 (Photos)

Coastlines Summer Edition (2017) Online Newsletter

Article- Rottnest Island ' Wadjemup Bidi' (Trail Project)The Wadjemup Bidi featured in an article in the Coastlines Summer Edition 2017 Online Newsletter

Article- Rottnest Island ‘ Wadjemup Bidi’ (Trail Project)

The full publication can be accessed by clicking this link

Premier Awards Ceremony 2016

The 2016 Premier Awards were announced at a private ceremony held at the Office of the Premier & Cabinet, Parliament Place on Wednesday 2nd of November.

Representing the Rottnest Island ‘Wadjemup Bidi’ project, was Jeff King and Rosalie Small from the Rottnest Foundation, and Holly Knight, Eilidh Graham and Clinton Hull from the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA).


Unfortunately the Wadjemup Bidi project did not take out winning place in the ‘Managing the Environment’ category, and although disappointed, we felt very proud that the project had made it through to the finals, which would not have been possible without the support of all the community groups who collaborate with our Foundation and the RIA to implement and maintain the trail. Namely- Rottnest Society, Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association, Winnit Club and Conservation Volunteers.

Congratulations to the worthy joint winners of the ‘Managing the Environment’ category>

  • ‘City of Bayswater for the Eric Singleton Bird Sanctuary Nutrient Stripping Wetland Project’; and the
  • ‘Department of Parks & Wildlife- Western Shield Project’.

For information on all winners of the 7 categories please visit this link>

Wadjemup Bidi Information Sign Installed in the Settlement

Rottnest Foundation is delighted to announce that the Wadjemup Bidi major trail head sign has been installed in the Settlement mall on Rottnest Island and it looks fabulous.


It features:

  • general information about Rottnest Island;
  • what visitors need to bring with them to ensure they have an enjoyable walk;
  • a map of the trail showing the open sections (4 sections open out of 5 sections);
  • information about the different trail sections;
  • all the logos of the sponsors and community partners who have contributed to the project; and
  • an interchangeable panel that  depicts which one of the Aboriginal Noongar six seasons you are currently in and the best section of the Wadjemup Bidi to experience during that season.

The cut out work that features on either side of the information panels was designed by Aurora and Cassandra Abraham, two talented Noongar Artists.

Five Walk Trail Sections Renamed with Aboriginal Nyungar Words

The Wadjemup Walk Trail consists of 5 separate sections. These were originally named based on landmarks for operational purposes and to allow the trail to be marketed during construction. This was an interim measure prior to the development of more appropriate names; to align with the overarching name “Wadjemup Walk Trail”. Wadjemup is the Aboriginal Nyungar word for Rottnest Island.

The operational names were:

  • Bickley Bay;
  • The Lakes;
  • Wadjemup Hill;
  • Salmon Bay; and
  • West End.


The Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) invited the submission of quotes in January 2015 from individuals or organisations with Whadjuk/Nyungar linguistic expertise to develop Aboriginal names for the five sections of the Wadjemup Walk Trail.

Professor Len Collard, Moodjar Consulting, was successful in the advertised position.

Between January 2015 and July 2016 Professor Len Collard in consultation with the RIA and the Whadjuk Working Party (facilitated by the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council)  developed concepts and renamed the five sections of the trail to Nyungar Aboriginal names.


Bidi   is the Aboriginal Nyungar word for track or path.

Wadjemup Walk Trail has now changed formally to the Wadjemup Bidi.

Traditional Owner Endorsement

The RIA received a letter from Nick Abraham, Regional Development Coordinator for the South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council, on behalf of the Whadjuk Working Party, endorsing the new Aboriginal Nyungar names for the five sections, dated 28th July 2016. click-here-to-read-the-letter

Realignment of Two Sections

To coincide with these new Aboriginal names there has been a realignment of two of the trail sections, the Wadjemup Hill section and Salmon Bay section, to create delineation between the north and south of the Island, as these trails provide contrasting experiences. This realignment will see the intersection at Narrow Neck become a major node connecting three sections of trail, instead of the previous two sections.

To ensure all promotional and marketing material for the Wadjemup Bidi depicts the new Aboriginal Nyungar names, the Rottnest Foundation website will undergo a number of changes and you will see the old section names replaced with the new names.

pdfs- maps-old-alignment-and-new-alignment


The Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) Wadjemup Bidi Project was a finalist in the running to win a Premier’s Award under the ‘Managing the Environment’ category 2016.

_dsc4847All affiliated volunteer groups; the Rottnest Foundation, the Rottnest Society, Winnit Club, Conservation Volunteers, Rottnest Nursery Volunteers and the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association submitted letters of support towards the original application.

Nominations were shortlisted and Jeff King the Rottnest Foundation Chairman was one of the presenters along with two RIA representatives who made a formal presentation about the project to a panel of judges. Jeff King spoke on behalf of all  community groups who collaboratively manage the project in partnership with the RIA.

As a category finalist, the RIA was invited to attend the 2016 Premier’s Awards Ceremony on the 2nd of November 2016; where the finalists, winners of each category and overall winner were announced and presented their awards.

The Premier released a media statement on the 5th of September 2016 regarding the high standard of public sector awards entries this year.


Wadjemup Bidi

3 Minute YouTube Video

To view the video please click on this link >

The Rottnest Island Authority contracted Sunshower Media to come over to Rottnest Island and create this short 3 minute film about the Wadjemup Bidi.

The video captures the essence of the trail project and highlights volunteer group involvement.

Rosalie Small from the Rottnest Foundation, Trish Bevan from the Rottnest Society, Terry Hardie from the Winnit Club, Mathilde Bernard from Conservation Volunteers, Brian Gunn from the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association and Nursery Volunteers Frank Parrotte & Patricia Schnittler, all feature in the video. Thank you to everyone who participated on the day of filming, including all those who were utilised as people props and those who helped behind the scenes to make this initiative a success.

The Wadjemup Bidi Project was nominated for a 2016 Premier’s Award

The Premier’s Awards were launched in 1996 and are about recognising and rewarding the most outstanding initiatives and the most extraordinary achievements for the State’s public sector throughout the year. The awards also play an important role in motivating agencies to become more innovative in meeting the community’s needs.

There are 7 different categories.

The Rottnest Island Authority entered the Wadjemup Bidi project under the ‘Managing the Environment’ category to win a Premier’s Award this year.

ME_RIA_WALK TRAIL_Photo2Firstly an application had to be submitted. Conservation Volunteers, Winnit Club, Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association, Nursery Volunteers, Rottnest Society and the Rottnest Foundation all submitted a letter of support highlighting our connection and involvement with the project. The Rottnest island Chamber of Commerce also submitted a letter of support. This application was then shortlisted, and the RIA was invited to make a formal 20 minute presentation to a panel of judges.

In the weeks leading up to the presentation, the RIA contracted a media company to come over to the Island and create a short 3 minute film about the Wadjemup Bidi. The video captures the essence of the trail project and highlights volunteer group involvement. The RIA has uploaded this video to YouTube and it will be used by the Rottnest Foundation to seek further funds for the project.

ME_RIA_WALK TRAIL_Photo3On the 22nd of July, Holly Knight (RIA Manager of Environment, Heritage, Risk & Safety), Eilidh Graham (RIA Wadjemup Bidi Coordinator) and Jeff King (Rottnest Foundation Chairman) conducted the 20 minute PowerPoint presentation at Dumas House, West Perth. Jeff King was invited by the RIA to speak on behalf of the volunteer groups associated with the project. At the end of the presentation the 3 minute Walk Trail video was screened to sum up the presentation.

In August/September the Premier released a media statement announcing up to three finalists per category for the Awards Ceremony. Finalists were invited to attend the Awards ME_RIA_WALK TRAIL_Photo1Ceremony in November, where the finalists, winners and overall winner are announced and presented their awards. A profile booklet is published in the recognised excellence section each year following the Awards Ceremony.  Winners and finalists act as ambassadors promoting their project and the awards. Winning projects may also contribute to learning discussions in flagship programs such as the Graduate Future Leaders Program. The overall winner may also receive a visit from the Premier a couple weeks after the Awards Ceremony.

Overall, receiving a Premier’s Award recognises and acknowledges the effort that goes into undertaking and delivering a major initiative/project and increases the profile of the public sector agency and other organisations that partner with the agency to deliver the project.

Title Page- Coastlines Winter Edn 2016

Successful Commonwealth ‘Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure’  Grant features in Coastlines Winter Edition 2016!

Article- Rottnest (Wadjemup) Walk Trail project secures grant

To read the entire publication, please click here

Rottnest Foundation & Rottnest Express Planting Day 7th May 2016

Rottnest Express provide support for our Foundation in multiple ways, including sponsorship of the annual Rottnest Festival of Sail event, promoting us on their website, donating prizes for the annual Rottnest Raffle (on sale soon) and sponsoring our annual Calendar featuring stunning photos that capture the essence of Rottnest.

RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (4)Since 2014, Rottnest Express has also sponsored 500 return ferry fares annually for volunteers to come over to Rottnest Island and help build the Wadjemup Bidi.

The Wadjemup Bidi RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (13)project is a 52km trail network that provides visitor access to Rottnest’s beautiful natural features and cultural history in an environmentally sustainable manner. A major part of the project involves rehabilitation of informal access tracks & previously damaged areas.

RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (11)As part of the Wadjemup Bidi project, formalised beach access has recently been installed at Ricey Beach which also provides disabled access to the bay.

On Saturday 7th of May Rottnest Express staff and family members joined forces RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (14)with Rottnest Foundation members, braving the rain and wind, to plant 1800 seedlings and spread brushing to revegetate damaged dunes and close informal access tracks previously caused by people making their own way to Ricey Beach.

RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (24)Rottnest Foundation member Mark Mazzoni provided the following feedback from his day volunteering on the Island.

‘Just a quick email to say thanks again for a great day yesterday. Some might have RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (8)been a bit disappointed by the rain and wind, but personally I thought it was just the ticket to avoid getting sunburned and to stay cool while working.

Apart from the mid-morning RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (5)downpour (which was a little miserable, I will admit) the occasional drizzle was actually a bit refreshing. Felt really good to be out doing something productive. Can’t wait for the next one.’

RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (0)Kind regards

Mark Mazzoni

Thank you to those Rottnest Express staff and family members, and Foundation members who participated in the day.

The Wadjemup Bidi project is a significant tourism and conservation initiative and we are proud to have Rottnest Express both as a sponsor and now part of our team of volunteers, working together to conserve Rottnest Island.




BHP Billiton Planting Day 6th May 2016

Rottnest Foundation is working in partnership with BHP Billiton to implement two sections of the Wadjemup Bidi project. More info.

Group shot_6_5_16As part of this partnership, 19 BHP Billiton employees volunteered to plant 400 seedlings on Rottnest Island on Friday 6th of May.

IMG_0025The site chosen for revegetation is located where a sculpture has recently been designed and installed by Aboriginal Noongar artist Peter Farmer.

After lunch, the group was taken on the ‘Secrets of the Lakes’ tour by three Rottnest Voluntary Guides. This tour showcases the Gabbi Karniny Bidi section of the Wadjemup Walk Trail and promotes the protection and conservation of the salt lakes which are highly valuable biodiversity assets.

IMG_1759One of the BHP Billiton employees who participated in the planting day was Viet Nguyen, who has been involved with the partnership since its inception.

Viet provided Eilidh Graham (RIA Wadjemup Bidi Coordinator) with feedback on behalf of the entire group following the planting day>

‘The entire day was well run and plenty of time was spent setting the context of why we were tree planting as well as the connection to the investment that BHP Billiton has made.
I was impressed with the professionalism of the day, quality of the sculpture, tribute to the indigenous heritage and the strategy behind the project.
Please pass on our thanks to Jon, Elizabeth and Francine for their walking tour; we appreciated their knowledge and passion for the Island.
I think I can speak on everyone’s behalf when I say that we thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. It’s wonderful that you have been able to collectively develop the project to what it is today.
As West Australians, we all have our own personal fond memories on the island, and this is a fantastic opportunity to do something practical and good for the broader community.’
Viet Nguyen
(Superintendent HSE AI&R Iron Ore)

From all of us here at the Rottnest Foundation, we would like to thank BHP Billiton volunteers for helping to deliver the Wadjemup Bidi project which is aiding to conserve the Island for future generations.

BHP Billiton employees are scheduled to plant on the Island as part of the trail project on the following dates

  • 27th May 2016
  • 3rd June 2016
  • 10th June 2016
  • 17th June 2016
  • 24th June 2016 &
  • 22nd July 2016.

BHP Billiton Site Visit to View Trail Development

Rottnest Foundation is working in partnership with BHP Billiton to implement two sections of the Wadjemup Bidi project.

The Wadjemup Bidi project is a 45 km network of trails that provides a new low impact recreational opportunity that connects the community to the Island’s unique natural features, abundance of wildlife and rich cultural heritage, whilst also doubling as a management tool to address conservation issues associated with visitor use of the Island.

For more information on the partnership between Rottnest Foundation and BHP Billiton, please click here.

Anna Aitken (Specialist Social Investment Programs Corporate Affairs- BHP Billiton) and Fran Ferreira (Manager Social Investment Iron Ore Corporate Affairs- BHP Billiton) visited Rottnest Island on the 27th of April 2016 to view progress of the project.

After a slightly bumpy ferry ride to Rottnest, the day started with a meet and greet with members of the Wadjemup Bidi Project Team.

  • Jeff King Rottnest Foundation Chairman
  • Rosalie Small Rottnest Foundation Grants & Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Eilidh Graham Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) Wadjemup Bidi Coordinator
  • Holly Knight RIA General Manager of Heritage, Environment, Risk and Safety
  • Rodney Carmichael RIA Walk Trail Operations Officer
  • Ben Howell BHP Billiton Walk Trail Operations Officer

Firstly, Anna and Fran were shown the concept and location that has been chosen for the upcoming Major Trail Head sign that is being installed in the Settlement.

Peter Farmer's Sculpture- Let's get interpretive!The group then hopped in cars and drove to south of the Island, to the Wardan Nara Bidi, where we stopped at one end of Strickland Bay and walked a newly cut part of trail to Narrow Neck to view the whale sculpture created by Aboriginal Noongar Artist Peter Farmer.

In between showers of rain, we drove on to the West End of the Island, where we strolled along the West End Boardwalk and appreciated the beautiful views. We sat down and enjoyed our packed lunches before walking to the Cathedral Rocks Seal Viewing Platform where everyone enjoyed the New Zealand Seals flipper-sailing and sunning themselves.

Ricey Beach AccessIn the afternoon we explored the north side of the trail, where we viewed the new beach access at Ricey Beach and then walked the newly cut trail down to Catherine Bay on to the beach via the new beach access that was installed by the Green Army.

Little Armstrong Bay was our last stop, which is in critical need of repair due to the numerous informal ad-hoc access tracks and erosion that is damaging the site. Formalised beach access at Little Armstrong is planned to be constructed using BHP Billiton funds in winter 2016.

The re-alignment and construction of formalised beach access at key bays along the Wadjemup Walk Trail is critical to stabilising the fragile coastal environment aiding to conserve and enhance the sites for future generations.

Anna and Fran were very happy with progress to-date and enjoyed their time on the Island.

The sections of trail funded by BHP Billiton will be open and walkable by December 2016.

Successful $210,000 Grant for the Wadjemup Walk Bidi


TWA + Govt - Colour (orig)




Rottnest Foundation has been successful in receiving a $210,000 grant from the Commonwealth Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program which is managed by Tourism WA.

These funds will go towards building the Ngank Wen Bidi (northern) section of the Wadjemup Bidi project.

$115,842 will contribute to building beach access infrastructure at Marjorie Bay (west) & Marjorie Bay (east) and Rocky Bay stairs, $4158 will contribute to interpretive signage and $90,000 will fund one contract staff member dedicated to implementing the trail.

Once complete, the West End (north) section will connect visitors to the Cathedral Rocks Seal Viewing Attraction at the westernmost point of the Island and also link to the Karlinyah Bidi and Wardan Nara Bidi sections of the Wadjemup Bidi project, which is currently being built using over $500,000 in funds from Rottnest Foundation working in partnership with BHP Billiton.

Works on the Ngank Wen Bidi (northern) section are due to begin late 2016 and will be completed by the end of 2018.

Please  click here to download Tourism WA’s media release regarding projects that were awarded funding from the Tourism Demand Driver Infrastructure Program.

Formalised Beach Access Installed at Ricey Beach and Catherine Bay

Ricey Beach

Ricey Beach

Catherine Bay

Catherine Bay

Rottnest Island Authority have funded formalised beach access at Ricey Beach.

Rottnest Foundation in partnership with BHP Billiton funded formalised beach access at Catherine Bay.

Both of these accesses are located along the Karlinyah Bidi section of the Wadjemup Bidi which is in-progress due to be open to the public by the end of 2016.




Rottnest Express 2015 Sponsorship Achievements!

REX image achiev 2015 Since 2014, Rottnest Express has been sponsoring the Rottnest Foundation and one of our Major Projects, the Wadjemup Bidi by providing up to 500 ferry fares for volunteers to come over to Rottnest Island and help implement the project each year.

In 2015, Rottnest Express issued 443 free return ferry tickets to volunteers from 6 community groups: Rottnest Society, Conservation Volunteers Australia, Scouts WA, Nursery Volunteers, the Green Army and the Rottnest Foundation. These groups combined, provided a total of 4940.5 hours of their time to complete tasks associated with revegetation for the Wadjemup Bidi project.

4940.5 hours x $30/hr = $148,215 of in-kind support!

Revegetation tasks included: seed collection, plant propagation, tree planting, sand dune stabilisation (brushing), sea spurge weeding, rubbish collection and tree guard maintenance.

A total of 6865 trees were planted by these volunteers!

10,779 guards were installed by these volunteers!

18,721 tree guards were removed by these volunteers!

Funds saved through utilising volunteer support and not having to pay ferry fares to get the volunteers to the Island, means more money can go directly into building the trail itself!

RS (14)We truly appreciate the generosity and commitment that Rottnest Express demonstrates to the Wadjemup Bidi project, the Rottnest Foundation and all other affiliated volunteer groups who contribute to conserving our Island.

For further detail of what these volunteer groups achieved on-ground utilising Rottnest Express support, click here

For more information on the Wadjemup Bidi project, click here

Rottnest Foundation’s Partnership with BHP Billiton Features in Coastlines Spring Edition (2015) Online Newsletter!

Title Page Article- BHP Billiton Supports Wadjemup Walk Trail on Rottnest

To read the entire publication, please click here

A photo of the Lakes Boardwalk, which forms part of the Lakes section (Gabbi Karniny Bidi) of the Wadjemup Bidi, is featured on the front page of this publication.

Rottnest Express have agreed to sponsor up-to 500 volunteer ferry fares annually until  2018 to support the Wadjemup Bidi project!

The Rottnest Foundation would like to officially say a huge thank you to Rottnest Express for their continuous generous support of our organisation!

In 2014, Rottnest Express provided 365 return ferry fares for volunteer travel to help implement the Wadjemup Bidi project on Rottnest.

Rottnest Express generously repeated their sponsorship in 2015 and has agreed to support the Trail by providing up-to 500 free ferry fares annually for volunteers to help build the Wadjemup Bidi until its expected completion date of 31st December 2018!

This is amazing support for the Wadjemup Bidi project! Thanks again Rottnest Express.

REX logo

New set of stairs located along the Gabbi Karniny Bidi (Lakes Section) of the Wadjemup Bidi!

ROTTNEST - OCT 2015 305Located at Geordie Bay (West) along the Gabbi Karniny Bidi of the Wadjemup Bidi, you will discover a set of stairs made from stone sourced from the Island.

ROTTNEST - OCT 2015 304Perfectly matched to the Island environment, ex-RIA staff member Nathan Holder and current RIA staff member Rodney Carmichael must be credited for creating this excellent addition to our trail project!



Rottnest Foundation’s Partnership with BHP Billiton mentioned in WA’s Business News!


BHP Billiton Supports the Wadjemup Bidi Project on Rottnest!


Our Foundation has partnered with BHP Billiton to implement the Karlinyah Bidi  and Wardan Nara Bidi, which are two of the five sections of the Wadjemup Bidi project.

The Karlinyah Bidi is approximately 6km and guides visitors through the beautiful bays of the northern beaches. The trail connects to the Gabbi Karniny Bidi, through the salt lakes, and the Wardan Nara Bidi, at Narrow Neck. The warmth of the sun on this sections means you are bound to experience an abundance of wildlife soaking up the suns rays.

The Wardan Nara Bidi is approximately 10km and allows visitors to explore the beauty of Salmon Bay and then cross over land to explore the WWII guns and tunnels.  Visitors can climb to the highest point on the Island, to the top of Wadjemup Lighthouse, and then continue on west to world class surf break Strickland Bay!

BHP Billiton’s funding of over $500,000 will allow new beach access to be constructed at Catherine Bay, Little Armstrong Bay, Armstrong Point and Narrowneck to formalise entry to these popular sites, aiding to minimize erosion and deterioration of the coastal vegetation caused by informal access.

Interpretive stories that can be told along the trail will include management issues linking climate change, importance of sustainable fishing, Aboriginal significance & connection to the Island, maritime communication & history and the importance of volunteers in achieving success in conservation of Rottnest Island.

These stories will be told using signage both static and audio, an interpretive sculpture and a mini-documentary linked to QR code technology. Consultation will occur with Aboriginal Traditional Owners from the Whadjuk Nation to acquire their oral stories and associated illustrations.

Facilities including bin enclosures, directional signage, bike racks, seats and a shelter will be installed along the trail to provide shade, rest, relaxation and convenience to improve the visitor experience.

Over 6900 seedlings will be planted to revegetate denuded areas and adhoc informal access trails.

BHP Billiton’s support will also allow the Winnit Club volunteers to come over to Rottnest to help with construction elements of the trail.

The Winnit Club is the longest standing community group who has been volunteering on the Island since 1931. They are providing volunteer labour for the implementation of the Wadjemup Bidi in the form of construction of the trail itself and associated works such as fencing, building beach access stairs, installing facilities and Island signage (interpretive & directional).

Both sections inclusive of all conservation works is due to be completed and open to the public by December 2016.

3This is the largest single amount of funding that the Rottnest Foundation has acquired to-date and we are very excited about working with BHP Billiton to implement this section of trail.

The exciting news was announced at an event held at the new Seal Viewing Platform at Cathedral Rocks, Rottnest Island on the 14th August 2015; where Minister Hon Kim Hames, BHP Billiton Iron Ore’s Senior Manager of Community and Indigenous Affairs Richard O’Connell and the Rottnest Foundation Chairman Jeff King all made speeches regarding the partnership.

New Ride-on Mower to Maintain the Wadjemup Bidi!

mower actualDuring Rottnest Foundation’s site visit to see Wadjemup Bidi developments at the Rottnest Foundation AGM held on the 19th October 2014, Eilidh Graham (Rottnest Island Authority [RIA] Wadjemup Bidi Co-coordinator) explained how time consuming & inefficient it was to maintain the trail with the existing RIA equipment being a push mower and whipper-snipper.

Our members at the AGM put forward a suggestion to spend some of our funding to purchase a ride-on mower for the purpose of maintaining the trail, to improve efficiency and reduce costs associated with maintenance for the project.

This suggestion was unanimously endorsed by the Rottnest Foundation Board. A ride-on mower was purchased in January, from the Power Equipment Centre in Welshpool, who kindly included a free set of blades, 5L of engine oil and free picks up/drop off to the barge for service, as an added contribution due to our valued work as a volunteer organisation.

11140102_10152858151211232_8284708282989960593_n[1]The mower was donated to the RIA as a gift from our Foundation. Rodney Carmichael aka “Jimbo” (RIA Walk Trail Operations Officer) is enjoying riding Ra-Mow-Na around the Island and is making huge progress building the Wadjemup Bidi.

Thank you to everyone who entered the Rottnest Island Authority’s ‘Name the Handy Helper’ Facebook competition, designed to find a quirky name for the ride-on maintenance mower generously gifted to the Wadjemup Bidi project by our Foundation.

Congratulations to Rachel Wenham for her winning entry! ……… Ra-Mow-Na!

Rachel wins ferry transfers for her and a friend to Rotto to have their photo taken with Ra-Mow-Na and will get the chance to experience the newest sections of the Wadjemup Bidi!

Rottnest Express has generously repeated their sponsorship of up-to 500 ferry fares for volunteers to help build the trail this year!

REX logo


Amazing things can happen when organisations work together and our Foundation are greatly appreciative of the support that Rottnest Express has shown the Wadjemup Bidi Project and the progress that this support is delivering on-ground.


Rottnest Express 2014 Sponsorship Achievements!

REX1A huge thank you goes out to Rottnest Express for their generous support in providing 365 return ferry fares for volunteer travel in 2014.

These fares enabled 6839 hours of volunteer support from 7 different groups to help implement the Wadjemup Bidi project.

This contribution valued at $28,105 reduced the Rottnest Island Authority’s cost of hosting volunteers to Rottnest, freeing up funds to go directly towards implementing the trail.

The Rottnest Foundation, Rottnest Island Authority and associated volunteer groups greatly appreciate the support that Rottnest Express has shown to this project.

For further detail on Rottnest Express 2014 Sponsorship Achievements, click here

For more information on the Wadjemup Bidi project, click here

WA State Trails & Outdoors Conference 2014

The conference was held at the new Centre for Performing Arts at All Saints College in Bull Creek on Friday 10th October and was subsidised by the Department of Sport and Recreation (DSR) with support from Trails WA and Outdoors WA.

The Conference brought together land managers, local government officers, trails advocates, outdoor instructors, educators, and volunteers from all regions of the State.

3Representatives from the Rottnest Foundation and the Rottnest Island Authority co-presented at the Conference on our partner project, the Wadjemup Bidi.

The Rottnest Foundation spoke on behalf of the community groups involved with implementing and driving the project, explaining how each group contributes to the trail and about the Steering Group  that our Foundation chairs, that ensures that the key volunteer groups, (Rottnest Society, Winnit Club and Conservation Volunteers Australia) have a platform to share ideas, network and progress the trail together.

2The Rottnest Island Authority spoke about the planning documents for the Trail and the way the trail is being used as a management tool to arrest deterioration in the Island ecology, while also improving and enhance the qualities that make Rottnest special by creating a new low impact recreational activity for visitors.

It was a great opportunity to be able to represent and showcase the project on a State level.

Wadjemup Bidi Features in Coastlines Spring Edition

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Article- The Lakes Walk

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Wadjemup Bidi Features in Coastlines Winter Edition

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Article- Rottnest Island (Wadjemup) Walk Trail Project

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Wadjemup Bidi Features in

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Article- The Story Continues- Interpretation Shaping Rottnest Island


Sculpture Installed- Ngank Yira Bidi

DSC_0334Artist Statement- The Beachcomber

Rottnest Island brings with it a change of pace and an escape back to simple pleasures. The ‘Beachcomber’ installation captures this simplicity, and is inspired by the Rottnest Island resident Ospreys and their stacks (nests). What we see within the stack is a reflection on the community in which the Osprey lives. The installation brings light to waste management issues relevant to the Island, and prompts us to be mindful that what we leave behind impacts the Island’s unique and fragile ecosystems. ‘Fleur Marron’

With waste management in mind and the need to empower guests with an understanding of management issues faced by the Rottnest Island Authority, a requirement was imposed on the artist that being that the sculpture was to be made from 80% recycled materials sourced from the Island.



REX logo

Supports the trail!

The Rottnest Foundation wish to say THANK YOU to Rottnest Express who has generously agreed to sponsor  ferry travel for up to 500 volunteers in 2014 to help implement the Wadjemup Bidi project. This significant contribution will reduce the operating cost of hosting volunteers to Rottnest immensely, freeing up RIA operating funds to go directly towards building the trail. We appreciate their support and dedication to the Wadjemup Bidi project and look forward to working closely with Rottnest Express in the future to progress the project.