Rottnest Island

BayBreathtaking natural beauty and biodiversity have earned Rottnest Island A-Class Reserve status, placing it high on the protection list due to its abundance of environmental attributes, which are highly diverse in their complexity, richness and conservation value.

The Rottnest Foundation’s mission is to ‘Conserve the essence of Rottnest’  by encouraging community involvement and raising funds to protect and enhance the Rottnest Island’s unique environmental, cultural and heritage assets.

Another Perfect DayThe Rottnest Island Authority (RIA) is a self-funding enterprise; deriving its yearly operational funding from commercial accommodation activities & services, business leases, mooring operations and admission fees. In addition to this, the RIA also receives a small percentage per annum from State Government which goes into maintaining the Island’s current infrastructure. Unfortunately, this limited Government funding is not enough to sustainably manage the A-Class reserve and the RIA requires further financial assistance to support the conservation of the Island and the implementation of new projects.

 The Rottnest Foundation has formed a partnership with the RIA to aid in filling this gap and as a not-for-profit volunteer organisation is able to source funding from resources that are unavailable to State Government. Both organisations have a mutual interest to ensure the unique Rottnest Island experience remains for future generations to enjoy, however, the challenge is not only to arrest deterioration in the Island ecology and areas of heritage significance, but also to find a way to improve and enhance the qualities that make Rottnest special.

Support the Rottnest Foundation to ensure  the preservation of the Island into the future!

The Rottnest Experience!

BVP Aerial of IslandIt is difficult to pinpoint any  one particular aspect of Rottnest Island which could be called its defining feature. The Island has, for so many years, offered so much to people of WA that it has become ingrained in the community psyche.

For surfers it is a chance to catch breaks off Chicken Reef  under a towering 80-yr old osprey nest; for nature lovers it is watching   dolphins and seals frolicking in the surf at West End or spotting one of the  many species of birds which rest on the Island in the protected Salt Lakes;

For historians it is an ability to walk through Australia’s only intact 1840’s street and dwell on the on the early architecture of the settlers; for  geologists it is exploring ancient reefs and formations at Fairbridge Bluff; for indigenous people it is a place to come and reflect on an sad chapter in  the Island’s and the State’s history; for the school leaver it is a place to  blow off steam after periods of intense study;

more of rottnest 062For boaties and yatchies it is  the opportunity to moor in the one of the many pristine bays; and for school kids it is learning to ride a bicycle or participating in an excursion discovering the unique flora and fauna.

Rottnest has provided generations of families with endless   hours spent fishing and swimming, the warm ocean breeze a constant companion, the unbeatable sunsets, glasses of wine and cosy fires a delightful finish to endless summer days.

In  essence, they come together to form the Rottnest Experience, an enriching and personal journey that in many ways symbolizes what it means to be Western Australian today. The Rottnest Experience is many things to many people.

There is a Rottnest experience waiting for you.