RF- REX Volunteer Day 7th May 2016 (7)

“Thank you for your welcome email! We have just returned from another fantastic week at Rotto and purchased our calendar there at the Geordie Store; this is where we read about the Foundation’s important work. We have been lucky enough to spend 3 weeks on the Island over the past year (3x 1 week visits) and have really noticed the fantastic plantings and walk trail improvements. Our family loves Rotto and its unique, but fragile environment and we are very keen to become actively involved with the Foundation and look forward to helping out on the planting days and any other activities you may need assistance with.”

Charmaine Jones, Member, November 2016

Nursery Vollies (11)

“Our family joined the Rottnest Foundation to give back to this wonderful Island that we have made our annual holiday destination for many years. Our children love the planting of new seedlings and we watch them grow each year we return to Rotto. We feel lucky to have such a wonderful Island on our doorstep.”

Reid Family, Members, August 2016

ROTTNEST - OCT 2015 093

“There are some places on the planet which have a magic which calms the spirit and opens our eyes to the beauty and wonder of the world. Rottnest is one of those places. I consider it a great privilege to be a member of the Rottnest Foundation Board and play an active part in the preservation and promotion of the Island”.

Denise Hilsz, Board Member, August 2016

Revegetation 2

“I have visited Rottnest every year for nearly 40 years. The Island has a unique history and it is paramount to preserve its unique diverse flora, fauna and marine life. The Rottnest Foundation plays such an important role in conserving the originality of the Island. For this reason, I joined the Foundation to be a part of its natural habitatrestoration program.”

Tony Goadby, Member, August 2016


“The entire day was well run and plenty of time was spent setting the context of why we were tree planting as well as the connection to the investment that BHP Billiton has made. I was impressed with the professionalism of the day, quality of the sculpture, tribute to the indigenous heritage and the strategy behind the project. Please pass on our thanks to Jon, Elizabeth and Francine for their walking tour; we appreciated their knowledge and passion for the Island. I think I can speak on everyone’s behalf when I say that we thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience. It’s wonderful that you have been able to collectively develop the project to what it is today. As West Australians, we all have our own personal fond memories on the island, and this is a fantastic opportunity to do something practical and good for the broader community.”

Viet Nguyen, (Superintendent HSE AI&R Iron Ore BHP Billiton), May 2016.